necklaces necklaces N539, N540 and Copper Shard sterling and copper 204716207 204716209 204716210 N400 sterling, gold-filled and lake stone 195324627 N364 sterling silver 189373880 204716211 N405 sterling, brass, copper and lake stone 195324630 N364 sterling silver 189373881 N398 sterling and brass 195324626 N365 sterling silver 193106234 N366 sterling silver 193106235 N370 sterling silver and lake stone 193106236 N375 sterling silver and brass 193106237 N376 sterling silver and copper 193106238 N393 sterling, copper and lake stone 195324625 N386 sterling, lake stone and beachglass 195324624 N339 sterling silver, lake stone and brass 188186833 N360 & N359 sterling silver, basalt, brass and copper 188186832 N241 149254488 N186 149254489 N322 178207751 N120 sterling silver and lake stones 105684331 N32 sterling silver and basalt 56288346 N20 sterling silver and basalt 56288341 N21 sterling silver and lake stone 56288342